10 Reasons to Choose a Composite Door

28th September 2020

Over the past few years, composite doors have continued to increase in popularity, with some streets now consisting of houses only with this type of door. Composite doors are one of the most robust options available, and keep homes secure and warm. Today we’re going to share ten top reasons why you should consider installing a composite door in the future.


1. Strength

Composite doors are solid and hard-wearing due to their refined manufacturing process. The doors feature layers of compressed wood and are then covered in synthetic skin. Due to the layering process, this stops weaknesses forming in the structure.


2. Range of Colours

One of the reasons these doors have become so popular in recent years is the wide range of colours on offer. If you drive down any street nowadays, you will see doors unique to each house, including bold, bright options and pastel hues. If you have a particular style and aesthetic in mind for your home, this can be achieved by choosing the perfect shade for you.


3. Security

As the entrance to any home, doors are the number one security barrier and concern for homeowners. Composite doors are constructed to be strong and secure and are well reinforced. In comparison to uPVC doors, which may be cheaper, these are a much tougher option and are well worth the additional investment. To take security one step further, look for Secured by Designed approved doors.


4. Energy Efficient

Composite doors are rated A for energy efficiency, which means your home will retain more heat (and waste less). This could even save you money in the long run, with a potential reduction of heating bills.


5. Weatherproof

With winter fast approaching, you want your door to be protected from the wind and rain. The exterior of composite doors can include Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which will help protect your door and home from the worst winter weather.


6. A variety of designs

Regardless of whether you live in a modern, glassy house, or a more classically designed home, composite doors will look great on any property. The doors are inspired by period architecture, and the selection of designs available is excellent. I’ve seen these types of doors installed on hundreds of homes, and they always fit in perfectly to each individual home’s aesthetic.


7. Accessory options

You can personalise any composite door to fit your needs, adding glass and finishing touches to make a completely unique fixture. There are some really stylish additions available such as letterboxes, door handles or door knockers, that can enhance the look and feel of the door even further.


8. Value for Money

In the long run, you will see excellent value for money with a composite door. They are of an outstanding quality and involve little maintenance. They are made to last for many years to come and are an excellent investment to your home or workplace. Check out the guarantee options from your provider to ensure you are getting protection during the upcoming years.


9. Low Maintenance

Nobody has time nowadays to spend endless hours repainting and maintaining a door, and that is why composite doors are a good option. They require minimal maintenance and don’t need to be repainted or varnished. Composite doors don’t fade or wear out from weather exposure. The only thing you’ll need to do is wipe down your door to remove any dirt it may gather.


10. Long Lifespan

While you may be put off by the slightly higher cost, factor in the incredible lifespan of these doors. Composite doors last on average at least thirty years, so when compared to other options on the market, you’ll realise what great value they are. A front door is an investment that shouldn’t need to be replaced regularly, so choose a high-performing option that fits perfectly to your design needs.

There are so many door options on the market today, but composite doors really do outperform other options in so many categories. The variety of design and colours available is second to none and is why so many houses utilise this option today. Security and strength should be one of your top considerations when purchasing a new door, whether it’s for your home or business. Composite doors are low-maintenance and long-lasting, which is what most buyers on the market are looking for today to reduce stress in their lives. A composite door will be a great choice for you and your family, and create a statement entrance to your home for years to come.

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