5 Composite Door Problems and How to Fix Them

12th October 2020

Composite doors are popular for their low maintenance requirements, extra durability and premium style.  Sadly however they’re not immune to problems, here are 5 common issues with composite doors and what you can do to rectify them:


Warping, bowing or swelling

When closing the door it is usually recommended that the handle is lifted to prevent the ability for the door or frame to warp, as it engages the top and bottom locks. Failing to do so leaves the door resting on the latch which could cause some long-term damage to the door.

In order to prevent this, whenever the door is closed, lift the handle to engage the bottom and top lock of the door, it will keep the door in a solid and secure position whilst also preventing any movement which could lead to warping or the bowing of the door or the frame.


Dropped hinges

Every composite door should be fitted with its own self-lubricating bearings on the hinges which help to keep the door free from maintenance. To prevent the hinges from dropping, lightly spray the hinges with a lithium-based lubricant once every half a year or so. If hinge dropping is caused by constant use then a door professional can provide an adjustment to fix the problem.


Worn Weather Seals

Occasionally it is important to check the sealant on the door, if they become loose then you’re losing heat to the outside elements!  When weather seals become dislodged you can gently slide them back into position to prevent damage to the seals when you close the door.  Over many years weather seals around composite doors can wear beyond reasonable use, in this instance you can speak to a door installation company about providing a new seal.


Drainage issues

Almost all exterior doors come with a built in drainage system of holes to keep any water outside of your home. In order to prevent drainage issues its important to check the holes and slots are unblocked and clear of any debris that could cause issue with water run off. Maybe once or twice a year will be worth ensuring its unblocked.


Sticky Locks

In order to prevent the lock from jamming or sticking, use a light spray of WD40 which will help maintain a smooth and unhindered usage of the door and the lock.


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