A Beginners Guide to Fascias

12th August 2020

A fascia is a horizontal board, or set of boards that run along the edge of your roof line. They can add to the visual appeal of your home, and can clearly be seen from the ground below, but fascias also have an important functional role too.
Fascias close the gap between your roof and the walls, helping to prevent unwanted water from building up in your roof space and protecting your property from the elements.
Fascias often support roof riles and guttering so need to be strong and well fitted. A good fascia installation company will provide this and help you to find an attractive edging to your roofline that smooths out those rough edges,

What are fascias made of?

Fascias are commonly made from wood, uPVC and aluminium depending on whether the building is domestic or commercial. Domestic properties almost always use wood and uPVC, whereas aluminium can be found more on commercial and industrial buildings.


Benefits of fascia materials

Wood Fascias

Wood offers a traditional look, at an affordable price tag. Some people choose wood for it’s aesthetics however there is a level of maintenance required in priming and re-painting over time


uPVC Fascias

uPVC has become very popular among homeowners for it’s affordability, durability, insulation and low maintenance. These days over 86% of roofline replacements and new buildings use uPVC. Unlike wood uPVC does not warp, rot or discolour over time. It’s also possible to patch a wide range of home styles with uPVC thanks to the fact that manufacturers produce so many colours and styles.


Aluminium Fascias

A more premium option over wood and uPVC however aluminium fascias are known to last. Aluminium is more secure, more hard wearing and is the top choice among large stores and commercial premises that require low maintenance and reliability.


Benefit of thicker fascia boards

Fascia boards come in varying thicknesses and prices. You may want to consider that thicker fascias can sustain higher wind loads, support guttering, roof tiles and snow. If you are unsure about what type of fascias to choose for your property, speak to Kent and Sussex Home Improvements.


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