Old Double Glazing vs New Double Glazing

8th September 2020

Old Double Glazing


Before the proliferation of double-glazing, there was a lot to gain for homeowners who were still using old, inefficient single-pane windows.  Some house owners might assume, if they have double-glazing these days, they have nothing to worry about; but nothing lasts forever.  If your home was fitted with double-glazing many years ago, you may be starting to wonder just how effective they still are at insulating and keeping you safe and secure.

As a general rule, the average lifespan of double-gazing is about 20 years; however this can range from 10-35 depending on location, quality of installation and other factors besides.

The best way to determine whether you need new double glazing is to look out for the warning signs that they’re not doing their job so well anymore:


Condensation between panes

This can suggest a leak between the two panes of glass – it can mean that the cavity between them no longer has a sufficient seal; unfortunately, this is something that just happens with many double glazing windows.   Two-paned windows have gas inside them which helps to minimise the transfer of heat (and foggy windows).  When the seal fails and the gas leaks out you’re left with steamed up windows that can look unsightly and rather spoil your view outside.


Leaks and drafts

Drafts not only put a chill in the air, they cost you money; contributing as much as 25% more to your energy bills as newer windows.  As the air in your home cools, you need to use more energy to heat it up again.  The cause for leaky and drafty double glazing is most often don’t to broken seals.  This sort of problem can almost always be repaired without the need to replace your windows.  A local double glazing company can provide seal replacements for you so you no longer have to sit in a chilling home.


Chips in the glass

Understandably any windows that have chips in them will need replacing.


Difficulty opening and closing 

Not only can this be frustrating, it can pose a security risk and a risk in an emergency fire situation.  Not always, but some windows can provide as an alternate route out in an emergency and so it’s important they can open properly.  Obviously you need to be able to close your windows fully to keep you home secure, no one ever knows when an opportunist might strike.

So what causes problems opening and closing your windows?

  • Warped frame which expands in hot weather
  • Frame that is the wrong size for the aperture
  • Home foundations have shifted causing the frame not to fit correctly
  • The window has been painted shut

Whichever of these are the cause, replacing with new double glazing can solve the problem.


You hear too much outside noise

Modern double-glazing should do a reasonable job at sound-insulating your home.  If you’re hearing too much outside noise then it could be a sign that you’ve got old windows that be replaced. In many cases, newer more-efficient windows may even be more sound-insulating.


Rising Heating Costs

While your old windows may look fantastic, a sure sign that they are going out is that your energy bills are high and unexplained.


Not sure if you need to repair or replace your double glazing windows? Speak to your double glazing Ashford specialists: Kent And Sussex Home Improvements. Get a free quote.