Reasons to Choose Secured by Design Windows & Doors

5th October 2020

When you are installing new windows or doors in your home or business, it can be overwhelming to understand all the different options and features on offer. As far as security, one of the best investments you can make is to purchase Secured by Design (SBD) marked products. So why choose Secured by Design windows and doors for your next purchase?


Endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers

Secured by Design windows and doors were created by the Association of Chief Police Officers, with the main aim of improving the security of homes and reducing crime rates. Products are only given the certificate if they meet the high standards set and prove the effectiveness of the product in crime reduction. The windows and doors are resistant to physical attacks and are fully compliant with Building Regulations Document Q.


Impressive Statistics

The statistics about Secured by Design products speak for themselves. Over 400 companies supply Secured by Design products currently. Buildings with these installations have a 75% lower chance of burglary. The reduction in criminal damage with these fitted is 25%. The great thing about Secured by Design is that it’s not just a manufacturer stating they are a safe and high-quality product, it’s a police authority.


Variety of Products

Many different products can receive the Secured by Design seal of approval. These include door handles, door chains, door viewers and cylinder guards. On top of the basic requirements for windows and doors, there can be enhanced features such as thief resistant locks or burglar-resistant window glazing. Like any purchase, you should be able to customise these to your needs. An older development that installs an SBD update is 63% less likely to then be burgled.


High Quality

Thanks to their robust testing and standards, Secured by Design products are long-lasting and of very high quality. This reassures buyers that the investment they are making will be worthwhile for a long time to come. Many new build buyers find it reassuring to see Secured by Design has been implemented from the planning stage.


Rigorous Testing

Both doors and windows undergo thorough testing to meet the Secured by Design standards. Doors have to pass an attack on the bolt. This is in addition to passing the BS:PAS 23 general performance requirements and the BS:PAS 24 enhanced security requirements. Windows must be to the standard of BS 7950 enhanced security for domestic windows. These certifications all ensure you are getting a thoroughly tested and trusted product.

Secured by Design windows and doors are a good investment for your next project, whether it’s for your home or for use during a construction. They are part of a trusted initiative, and with the backing of the Association of Chief Police Officers, you know you are in safe and trusted hands. The statistics for the range are impressive, and you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that you are protecting your family or clients to the best of your ability.


Secured by Design Windows & Doors in Kent

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