Who Regulates the Double Glazing Industry?

14th September 2020

Double glazing companies get a pretty bad rep; not helped by all the pushy door to door salesmen and cold-callers of the past who told us that our windows are outdated, inefficient and in need of replacement.  Obviously not all window installers are bad, and of course, any window company is going to want to say that. But don’t let them convince you; let their ratings and certifications give you the confidence you need.

There are a number of regulatory bodies who exist to uphold standards in the double glazing industry, in the UK these include:


Short for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, FENSA is one of the most recognised and trusted regulatory bodies in the double glazing industry.   The organisation was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation and approved by the UK Government in 2002; the Government gave authorisation for FENSA to issue certification that proves windows and door installations are compliant with building regulations and energy-efficient.

Members are regularly inspected and kept up to date with the latest standards in energy efficiency and safe installation.

You can check if a double glazing company is FENSA registered quickly and easily on the FENSA website.



The Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) is another accreditation scheme for double glazing installers in the UK.  The DGCOS regularly monitor members to ensure that they meet appropriate quality and service levels.   The DGCOS also operates a free complaints service for consumers which helps to keep registered companies in check. DGCOS is not as large as FENSA and so you may not find as many window and door companies registered to it, though it’s still worth a check.

You can check if a double glazing company is DGCOS registered quickly and easily on the DGCOS website.



The Glass and Glazing Federation is a government recognised organisation that regulates domestic and commercial glazing manufacturers and installers.  The regulator has been central to pushing for new and improved standards and regulations such as “The Building Regulations” in the UK.

GGF Members produce and install safety, fire and emergency glazing, special films to protect against the sun’s rays or terrorist and vandal attacks and in fact, every type of glazing installation, no matter how specialised.

You can check if a double glazing company is GCF registered quickly and easily on the GCF website.


As Ashford double glazing specialists Kent and Sussex Home Improvements are registered members of FENSA. which mean that we adhere to the appropriate standards of window installation and service set out in national building code guidelines.  You can check our membership here.